Frequently Asked Questions about Deer Springs Inn

Q: Is there electricity available in the cabins?

A: Yes and no; we do have a generator on site to provide basic electrical lighting inside the cabins. We do not have the capacity for electrical devices, TVs, gaming consoles, phone chargers, computers, etc. You're here to relax and escape everyday life, or as we call it, "become unplugged!"

Q: Do I need to bring all my kitchen items to prepare/cook my food?

A: Not necessary since each cabin is equally stocked with all the kitchen items you would need: cutting boards, knives, pots/pans, dishes, cups...anything you need to prepare and enjoy your meals. And yes, you can still have your morning coffee with an ol' fashion coffee percolator - just bring your favorite grounds and enjoy!

Q: What about bringing my ATVs, dirt bikes, or horses?

A: No problem! If you can haul your off-road vehicles or horses up here, you can ride them all day long. We even have corrals and fresh water available for the horses.

Q: Speaking of horses, what about other animals, like my dogs?

A: Certainly! Dogs are most welcomed at Deer Springs Inn, and with plenty of things to sniff and check out, they'll be busy enjoying the forest for hours. We only ask that you please mind our other guests, and have a leash for your pets, and to also respect the campground and clean up after you pet.

Q: Will we see any wild animals while there?

A: That's part of the wonderful nature experience we enjoy at Deer Springs. We often hear and/or see elk, deer, bears, coyotes, wild horses and turkey, and all the small little forest creatures you can expect.

Q: Can I bring my hunting/shooting equipment?

A: Absolutely! Feel free to bring whatever you like to go do some target practicing. We just ask that you please follow the regulated hunting seasons, and practice safe shooting! No firing of any weapon within the campground. There are plenty of trails to go find a nice shooting spot far from the cabins and other guests. If a wild animal threatens the camp, the owners will handle it.

Q: What are some of the activities to do while visiting DSI?

A: Great question! We have plenty of activities to help you enjoy your stay. The immediate area offers many forest service roads and hiking trails to discover the beautiful nature surrounding the campsite. Nearby lakes for boating/fishing are just an hour or so drive away. Hunting, if in season, is permitted in the area. We also have a campfire pit and social gathering area on-site for the impromptu breakfast cookout, or to open a cold one and reminisce. If during our snowy months, we highly encourage a friendly snow-ball fight or some sledding.